It’s all about you

It’s all about you! People First Culture – Character First* (*Our clients confirm)

Our focus is really on people and the search for the right job to match with your personality profile.
Rather than rattle through the CV (obvious criteria) we ask a lot more personal questions.
We want to get a close idea about one’s personality, motives and professional sense of life.

Based on the above, together, potential pitfalls are as well identified and named. How do you cope, can you cope with new superiors or do you require „people first“ leaders and companies?

We address issues that may become a problem and find common solutions.
At the end of the day we together agree:
+ about your personality, your values, your passion, your strengths and talents
+ on deficits and weaknesses, your knowhow and expertise, your view about your professional future
+ the future function and the lived leadership culture
+ the desired team- and communication culture in the targeted company

We claim „money is a result, not a target“ our target is your long-term satisfaction in your new job.

Together we adress the funcions and identify companies of interest. With our anonym approach at corporate decision level we are your aquisition partner to find the right entrepreneurial job challenge.

As well, we are of help:
+ if you exit todays employer, based on mutual appreciation and respect.
+ with coaching in the interview process to ensure an exchange of conversations at eye level.

Interrested? Drop us a line….Ask!

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